Plants of southern Africa: an online checklist

PRECIS Information Database

PRECIS (National Herbarium Pretoria (PRE) Computerised Information System) is based at the National Herbarium in Pretoria. The mission of PRECIS is to develop, maintain, and expand an electronic database system on southern African plants (the region south of the Limpopo and Kunene Rivers) to provide an efficient customer-driven information service and to produce electronic and publishable products.

The primary information currently stored in the database includes the southern African collection held in the National Herbarium, Pretoria (PRE). Also included are PRE’s tropical Africa collection, as well as the collections of the Compton Herbarium (NBG) and the South African Museum (SAM). Together these are responsible for the more than 900 000 specimen records stored in PRECIS. The collection of cultivated plants, comprising approximately 21 000 specimen sheets, is computerised separately.

Approximately 87% of the NBG and SAM collections have not yet been computerised. These will be added to PRECIS at a later stage, as will the c. 100 000 specimens held in the KwaZulu-Natal Herbarium (NH) (of which 45% have been computerised separately). The current and future focus of PRECIS is to include descriptions and morphological information on all southern African plants.

To report a bug please email the project team.
To provide feedback on the data please email the PRECIS data officer.

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