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Plants of southern Africa: floristic information

Floristic information has now been added to the Plants of southern Africa site!

Floristic information Family, genus and species details
Floristic information Photographs and artworks from SANBI's collection*
Floristic information Glossary of botanical terms

Relevant floristic information can be viewed by clicking on the Flora icon ( Floristic information ) on the Search and Results pages.

Browse the floristic section by clicking here: Browse flora Floristic info

* June 2007 update: over 6600 images for over 2500 taxa now available!

* August 2009 update: the multi-volume Flora of southern Africa is now online, including details on over 4000 species with 2000 images and distribution maps

Interested in mapping species distributions? Visit SIBIS: SANBI's Integrated Biodiversity Information System, a new product from SANBI's Biodiversity Information Management Team. Quick links from species are also available by clicking on the SIBIS button.

Biodiversity advisor January 2010 update: SANBI has just launched the Biodiversity Advisor, which guides you in using all of SANBI's online resources, including POSA. The Biodiversity Advisor will assist with EIAs, landuse planning, systematic biodiversity plans, species modelling, research, taxonomy and online GIS. Try the Biodiversity Advisor!

Visit FLAN: the Flora of Angola, a sister site to POSA.

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